The Rebbe Rashab's Ohel

Rostov is home to the resting place of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Sholom Dovber otherwise known as the Rebbe Rashab. The Ohel (resting place) is located in the historic Jewish cemetery of Rostov, and attracts visitors throughout the year to pray at this holy site. 

Panim (letters to be placed at the Ohel) can be sent to: or by filling out the form below.

Videos about the Ohel - and the Rebbe Rashab

Visiting Ohel on Chof Cheshvan Following Renovations
Inspiring Banquet and Naming Ceremony - Chof Cheshvan

Sponsor the kindling of the Ner Tamid - השתתף בהעלאת נר התמיד

Throughout the year a Ner Tamid - a constant olive oil candle is lit by the Ohel of the Rebbe Rashab. By sponsoring the Ner Tamid you support the upkeep and maintenance costs of the Ohel. 

Choose the Yartzeit date, and select to dedicate the flame each year on this date. Each kindling of the Ner Tamid lasts for five days. 

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