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“Our mission: to provide for the material and spiritual needs of every Jew living in the Rostov region.”  

Rostov is the capital of Southern Russia, with a population of close to 15,000 Jews. Prior to WWII it was a thriving hub of Jewish life. Tragically, during the war it was also the site of the worst mass execution of Jews in Russia, where over 20,000 Jews perished over the course of two horrific days. 

Today the community is springing back to life, with one of the most active youth groups in Russia, a Jewish day school, an overnight camp, a dynamic women's club, a busy humanitarian aid service, and new programs every year.

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"All Jews are Responsible for one Another"


Before helping someone spiritually, once must first ensure all their material needs are met. We provide much needed daily hot meals to the elderly and needy. We deliver food packages to underprivileged families with kids, and to those who are homebound. We distribute gift cards for the purchase of brand new clothes before the winter and summer seasons. 

"Bridging the Past to the Future"


The Jewish community of Rostov runs 2 very active youth groups, one for high school age students and one for young professionals and university students. The groups meet for classes, seminars, holiday preparations and celebrations, community volunteerism, and grand yearly trip to Jewish historical sites in Europe, culminating in a moving to Auschwitz, where they build a deeper connection to our Jewish heritage and history. 

"145 Years of Jewish Traditions"


Our beautifully renovated historical synagogue - called the Cantonist Synagogue - was built by Jewish soldiers in 1872. Throughout most Soviet times the Synagogue operated and elderly men gathered daily for prayers. Today we hold daily minyanim, well-attended Shabbat services with weekly community meals, Youth minyanim, and holiday services and celebrations. Our synagogue building is also home to our youth group meeting room, and our soup kitchen and Chesed organization.

"Bridging the Past to the Future"


Our beautifully renovated historical Synagogue - called the Cantonist Shul - was built by Jewish soldiers in 1872. Since then it has been the center of Jewish life in the city. We hold daily and Shabbat services, Youth programs and activities, and holiday services and celebrations. Our synagogue building is also home to our youth club - RoshTov, and our Chesed seniors humanitarian organization, as well as our soup kitchen. 

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