What an Incredible And Inspiring Story

The mohel visited us today to do a Bris on a 58 year old man, Roman. Word spread in our Day School that the mohel was in town and Nikita (12) showed up in Shul and timidly asked to have a bris as well. Nikita was very scared throughout the procedure but was determined to go through with it. Nikita chose the name Sholom Dovber. He then explained that this past summer in camp the counselors emphasized the importance of having a Bris and what a special mitzvah it is. “I made a decision that I would have a bris sometime before I turn 15, three years from now. My head counselor asked me who will I be in touch with to follow up on my promise. I chose my favorite counselor Sholom Shapiro.” Last week, Sholom Shapiro (19) was killed in a tragic car accident. “My friends and I are devastated and sad. When I heard that the Mohel was here in Rostov, I really wanted to have a Bris in honor of Sholom” Sholom’s mother happened to be in shul today at the time and despite her sorrow she was comforted to know that Sholom’s influence and good deeds are still felt in the world. Sholom was a light in our community. He is sorely missed by us all but his legacy will live on. 

Sholom Shapira - of blessed memory 

Nikita - now Sholom Dovber following his Bris

Roman now Yakov 

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