Unforgettable Shabbat

200 people enjoyed an uplifting unity Hakhel Shabbaton in Rostov, Russia, including a moving Bris ceremony for 4 young boys and men.

Rostov’s Jewish community hosted a special 4 day Shabbaton/Seminar for community members and students from surrounding cities in a tremendous way to commemorate the Hakhel year.

At the center of it all was the active ‘Zoom’ youth division led by Dovid Faynberg. Eighty students came from cities as far as Nalchik, Taganrog, and Donetsk, to hear the inspiring classes and participate in late night farbrengens. The four days spent together in the beautiful seaside campground were filled to the brim with exciting activities, fascinating lectures, and thought-provoking workshops.

Alongside the youth division was a lively family seminar, which provided separate lectures and hands-on activities for the parents, while their children happily attended a camp run by Rostov’s CGI counselors.

Shabbos was the highlight of the weekend. All 200 people in attendance found the singing, and beautiful Shabbos atmosphere uplifting, and everyone enjoyed the delicious cuisine! The sense of achdus continued into Motzei Shabbos, as students and families were treated to a most energetic and lively concert by the sought-after Shlomo Nizen from Israel, all in the spirit of Adar.

“Having the entire community represented, from infants to the elderly, was a special sight to see, a true Hakhel. A moving highlight of the Shabbaton happened on Monday, when 4 young boys and men ranging in age from 9-63, had a Bris and received their Jewish names,” said Rabbi Chaim Danzinger.

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