Rostov Holocaust

at Zmiyovskaya Balka

Zmievskaya Balka is a site in Rostov-on-DonRussia at which 27,000 Jews and Soviet civilians were massacred by the SS Einsatzgruppe D on August 11 and 12, 1942.

The Jewish men of Rostov were marched to Zmiyovskaya Balka, a ravine outside the city, and shot. The women, children and elderly were gassed in trucks, and their bodies buried in the same ravine. Communists and Red Army soldiers also were killed and buried there, along with their families. Among those murdered at Zmiyovskaya Balka was the pioneering psychologist Sabina Spielrein.


Zmiyovskaya Balka, which means "the ravine of the snakes", has become the site of annual memorial ceremonies.

Work is underway to collect the names of all victims killed at Zmievskaya Balka. So far over 3000 names were complied, if you know of people who were murdered there, please contact us so they can be added to the list

March of the Living 2012

Rabbi Lau Speaking

March of the Living 2017

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