Rostov is located in southern Russia and is easily accessible via direct flights from Moscow (1:40), Tel Aviv (2:30) and Istanbul (2:00) as well as other cities.

A beautiful and brand new airport (ROV - PLATOV) was built in preparations for the world cup. Travel to and from the airport takes about an hour, and costs around 1000 Rubles ($20). Uber and Gett are readily available and very well priced around the city. Another taxi service is Yandex Taxi. 

Catering and Kosher Meals are available from the Jewish community, with advance notice and can be ordered by emailing us at:

Jewish places of interest in Rostov include:


The Jewish Community of Rostov / Cantonist Synagogue 

Rostov's only operating Synagogue built in 1874. Offering daily prayer services, shabbat services and meals, and Kosher food. Also housing the Chesed organization, RoshTov youth club, Kitchen and soup kitchen and other community offices and services.

Address: Gazetniy 18 - газетный 18

Daily Morning Services: 10:00am

Friday Evening - Kabbalat Shabbat: 7:30pm

Shabbat Morning: 10:00

Shabbat Mincha: 7:30pm

The Old Jewish Cemetery - Rebbe Rashab's Ohel
Rostov is known around the world because it has the holy resting place of the 5th Lubavitcher Rebbe - the Rebbe Rashab. The Ohel is located in the old Jewish cemetery in the center of town.


Address: Tekuchova 157a. 

Please contact us to arrange visit

Zmiyovskaya Balka - Holocaust Memoriel

During the occupation of Rostov by the Nazis, over 27,000 Jews were massacred in the outskirts of town in a place known as Snake Valley. This was the worst massacre to have occurred in Russia during the Holocaust. Today there is a large memorial and a museum paying tribute to those who were tragically murdered by the Nazis. 


Address: Zmiesvaksya Balka

Or Avner Jewish Day School

Elementary and high school, teaching secular and Jewish studies including Ivrit and Jewish history and traditions. Located 2 minute walk from the Synagogue. 


Address: Ulyanovskaya 59

Hotels Near the Jewish Community

Mercure (5 minutes)

Radisson (5 minutes)

Hermitage (2 minutes)

Don Kihot (2 minutes)


Should you require any additional information don't hesitate to email Rabbi Chaim Danzinger at or by whatsapp: +79185583765

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